Tuesday, June 22, 2010

color inspiration

i think for all of our color inspiration we will post a color wheel

for me the easiest color combination is the primary color scheme. i guess it's because i alway think of superman. so here a few pictures of the colors yellow, red, and blue


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

welcome to lighting the fire journaling blog

i just wanted to stop by and say hi! and were very excited to start this great adventure! and i also wanted to talk about how this is gonna go. my sister and i will show the same techniques our way. we will have promps, and inspiration days, and some other random things like different art journals, and if you guys have any questions or requests just leave a comment and if you still don't understand just keep asking untill you do. (trust me i do this all the time). i will make a button you can put on your blog some time this week. i'm very excited and i'm glad your joining us for this ride!