Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Technique: masking tape block out

I came up with this idea after one of Jes's painting projects ( i was kinda jealous of the pretty colored mask after you peal the tape off)

1. Tape with masking tape/ or blue painters tape any shape you want.
2. Pick a color you want and paint the whole page that color even over the taped areas. Wait till the page dries.
3. Find an image you feel represents the page ( i chose Florence because i am kinda obsessed with her at the moment.) Glue down.
4. I added two different types of Japanese masking tape to my pages to add a little more color and texture to my page.
5. You are ready to journal: What ticks you off, for me it was not believing in my ability to create good works of art. this is for you to be real with yourself so don't be afraid to let it all out!

 (closer details of my page)

Peace & Love,



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