Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Confessions

(full page view)

Today i thought it felt like fall. So i decided to do a page in some of my favorite colors and papers.

1.I chose some old book pages (courtesy of the hardy boys) and i layered them to cover most of my page. 
2. I went through my scraps of scrap booking paper and found some pretty blue wallpaper like paper and used it to add a little more interest on the sides of my page. 
3. At the top i used some Japanese masking tape just to add one more color (you can also use regular masking tape that you painted over with paint)
4. I grabbed an image from a catalogue that i thought fit this topic and placed it slightly overlapping the bookpages and the scrap booking paper.
5. You are now ready to journal : what makes you feel like fall Or what traditions you feel you have when the leaves change color? 

(detail views on the page)

Peace & Love,



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