Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ordinary magic

For our first page i wanted to so something simple colorful and fun.

For this page i chose to use paint in an analogous color scheme. i also used old book pages to add more texture.

I picked a shape and painted it using my color scheme. I picked hearts because its kinda my thing ever since i was little. I only painted it on one side because i wanted to leave space for my journaling.

After i let the paint dry i cut out various sizes of hearts out of the book pages (you could use newspaper if you would like)

After i glued the hearts down i outlined them with paint markers and fine tiped pens. I thought the plain painted hearts were to well plain i am one of those people who believe "more means more"

The prompt i chose to do was ordinary magic. 
What in your daily life or routine do you find special. it can be little moments or special things that make your day.

I chose little things that have made my summer special.

Hope you like the page!
Peace and Love,

ps. sorry for the quality of the pictures. our camera kinda died on us i promise they will get better!



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