Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Supplies

I think i should take time in saying this because when i first started out art journaling i was super confused and intimated. Especially when it came time to gather supplies, i was that person in the craft store looking at all this stuff and getting so overwhelmed that i had a panic attack. after taking one of polka dot robots journaling classes i realized that i didnt need to freak out over not knowing what to get. Here are some of the things i really love using in all my journals.

1. Paint.

I love paint, No I LOVE PAINT! any kind of paint. it can instantly change the color of the paper to something you can work with instead of the white page you have an instant fear to. Jes sometimes uses watercolor to paint her pages (you know the cheap dollar sets) and she gets some beautiful rich bright colors for her pages. I like to use acrylic paint just because i have it. if you have some basic colors you can really mix anything that suits you.

2. Paper.

I find that i use really cheap old books that i find at the thrift stores or at discount stores. I have been using pages from a hardy boys book to layer on my pages. I also use scrap booking paper but i don't spend to much money on it i always look for the clearance aisles because they have tons of it on sale. you can get some really amazing papers for really cheap.  i also use the inside of envelopes you know like when you open a bill and they have a pretty pattern inside.

3. Source images.

I get most of my images from catalogues. a few i subscribe to are : Anthropologie, Toast, Jcrew, and Free People.
(i have had trouble getting urban outfitters catalogues because the website doesn't really work for me but when in store i tend to grab a couple when they are lying around)
I also use magazines like Nylon, Marie Clare, and the in store H&M magazine.
I sometimes print out images but for me it takes way to much effort for me to plug in the laptop to the printer.

4. Embellishments

I like to use Japanese masking tape ( i got mine in anthropologie but you can get it at or try google.) i also use regular masking tape and just paint over it with my acrylic paint. that way i can make it any color i want. i also sometimes use lace or ribbon. I have seen people use buttons, fabric, and odds and ends in their journal as embellishments.


I use a lot of different types of pens my favorites are the micron fine tips they come in a pack. i also use paint markers, colored pencils, i some times write in with acrylic paint with a paint brush i usually will try any kind of solid pen until i get a desired result

6. Every day odds and ends.
i always tend to find things people think as trash to use in my journals. like using a paper doily(some restaurants serve their hot drinks with a doily) or gallery show hand outs (when on a weekend trip we went to Columbus and they had small fliers for you to take to remind you of a show. there you have a free artists print for you to use in your journal.) or if you buy online like etsy some people send business cards with your purchase there is another embellishment you could use!

7. The glue that holds it all together!
I use Tacky glue. you all know the kind the one in the gold bottle. for me it holds everything down even fabric. some times i also use a mini stapler but thats only to make sure the lace/fabric stays in place after using tacky glue.

I hope this helps to get your small stash of stuff going. i know when i started vivs small post on how to gather the supplies i needed really helped me!

Peace & Love,

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do u own all those pens! that's pen heaven 4 shizzle!

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